Devoted all of my Facebook posts today to promoting our series on climate change which begins tonight on WGN News at Nine and runs Tuesday and Wednesday nights as well—then culminates in our half our special “FORECAST: A Fragile Climate”. I’ll have the promos for each night’s report on my Facebook page.

Our three nights of reports on our changing climate–which we’ve titled– “FORECAST: A Fragile Climate”– BEGIN TONIGHT (10/31) on WGN’s 9 O’clock News. I hope you join us! Would love to have you there!

To tell the story, we take you to Alaska tonight where glaciers are pulling back in dramatic fashion, then on Tuesday night to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center outside Washington, D.C. where scientists monitor our planet, its ice, oceans and atmosphere with an array of remarkable satellites then we head to Lake Mead outside Las Vegas behind Hoover Dam in southern Nevada Wednesday–the country’s largest reservoir which has dropped to 27% capacity–its lowest level since its creation in the 1930s and the construction of Hoover Dam across the Colorado River– down 170 ft. since 2000, due to overcommitment of its water even as drought has gripped the area.

You can watch each of our nightly reports tonight, Tuesday night and Wednesday night on WGN’s 9 O’clock News plus on our streaming channels as well–then on Friday night, WE WILL AIR THE FULL HALF HOUR PROGRAM–“FORECAST-A Fragile Climate” on WGN and all of our streaming platforms.

Our WGN Films team, including producer Katharine Czink and video journalist Steve Scheuer and I have been working on our reports over the past four months. It’s been quite a journey. We’ve been witnesses to the extraordinary changes underway and had a chance to talk to a group of leading climate researchers and scientists. Hope you can join us.