Not since the execution of Thomas Cromwell by Henry VIII in July 1540 has the region experienced anything like what’s underway across the continent–and it could continue another 3 months say forecasters at the Copernicus Center of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts
Yesterday, I posted information on historic drought underway across a wide swath of China. Today’s post involves fresh reporting on the historic drought underway across two-thirds of Western Europe. It’s been accompanied, as droughts often are, by bouts of extreme heat.

The consequences have been horrendous. As the Associated Press (AP) reports Wednesday morning, the drought “….has fueled forest fires, dried up rivers and devastated crops….”

Read more from the AP here.

Here’s how the BBC is reporting on the drought.

Of the historic dry spell, the Climate Nexus newsletter writes, “47% of the continent is under warning conditions with 17% in a state of alert. In addition to fueling wildfires and cutting agricultural yields, the drought has also restricted hydroelectric production and, perhaps ironically, reduced coal and oil shipments along rivers like the Rhine. The summer’s heatwave and drought have “created an unprecedented stress on water levels in the entire EU,” said Mariya Gabriel, a Research Commissioner with the European Commission.

And from the Reuters news agency comes this.

The current drought is the continent’s worst since THE 1540 EUROPEAN DROUGHT covered here.

Europe isn’t alone. Check out this AP photo essay on the historic drought ravaging China, and how it “changed the landscape.”

Here’s a FACT SHEET from the Climate Signals website on the link between climate change and drought. This includes information on the mammoth region of drought which currently grips much of the Western U.S.