The Associated Press (AP) is reporting Tuesday that China’s largest freshwater lake has shrunk to 25% capacity. 

Workers are digging trenches to keep the water flowing to one of the country’s primary rice producing regions. 

What’s interesting is the fact this is usually the time of year that seasonal rains trigger flooding and related landslides.

The heat/drought combo is far reaching. Axios’ Andrew Freedman reported Monday that the heat wave has entered its 70th day and is unrivaled over the term of Chinese weather records. 

State media there is reporting 260 weather stations in the county have recorded their hottest temps ever. 
The accompanying drought is so severe, hydroelectric power production has suffered severe cutbacks and factories have closed.

It’s also boosting electricity use for, among other things, air conditioning.

There appears to be atmospheric links between China’s heat & drought and the heat and drought which has been plaguing Europe this summer.

Even bird migratory patterns have been impacted.

You can read Freedman’s entire Axios article here.

And the Tuesday AP report on China’s largest lake shrinking so badly workers are digging trenches to reroute its remaining water here.