–Powerful SE wind, bolstered by the outflow coming off thunderstorms in Michigan, whipped up whitecaps on Lake Michigan and produced 3 to 5 ft. waves. This prompted issuance of a BEACH HAZARDS STATEMENT because of the appearance of these waves and of RIP CURRENTS

–BIG CHANGES LOOM with the COOLEST WEATHER in 4 months on the way Thursday and Friday

–A wind shifting cool front sweeps through late tonight. Modeling suggests little weather other than the outside chance of an isolated thunderstorm will occur–and prospects for that are LOW!!

–The big effect of that front’s passage will be the onset of NW winds by Wed afternoon which drop humidities

–Then back-to-back daytime 60s are predicted Thursday and Friday—the first time that’s happened since a string of four consecutive 60s May 21-24—-FOUR MONTHS AGO!

–Temps bounce back with the return of southwest winds Saturday–but a NEW COLD FRONT swings through Saturday night and another cool air mass sweeps in amid a northwest upper flow the first half of next week

–Warming follows again with ABOVE NORMAL TEMPS due to return late the following week and for the weekend which follows


TONIGHT: Partly cloudy, a bit breezy and warm for the season. Chance of an isolated t-storm. Low 72.

WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny, windy and warm—but turning less humid, particularly in the afternoon amid gusty winds. Chance of an isolated thunderstorm in the morning.  High 84.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy, windy, noticeably cooler and less humid. Low temps 15 to 20-deg cooler than tonight–dropping to 53.

THURSDAY: Sun and mixed fair-weather clouds, windy and markedly cooler. Gusts to 30 mph likely. High 68.

FRIDAY: Mixed sun at the start–but clouding over and much less windy–but cool. The coolest daytime high in the 4 months since May likely. High 63.

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy, windy and warmer. High 75.  Nighttime showers or possible thunderstorms.

SUNDAY: Opens cloudy, some sprinkles possible—but with partial clearing. Windy and cooler. High 72.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy, windy and cooler. High 65.

TUESDAY: A good deal of cloudiness and cool. Sprinkles possible, High 67.