—The week opens with Chicago area’s 8th consecutive below normal day.  This follows a weekend nearly 10 deg cooler than last.

–August is off to a near even split between above and below normal days: 8 above normal; 7 below normal.

–Northwest upper steering winds are to restrain heat allowing this beautiful string of days to continue.

–“NE” winds each day through mid-week keep lakeshore and beach temps modestly below those recorded elsewhere in the area.

–The Monday morning Chicago shoreline water temps are at 68-deg and the average water temp in southern Lake Michigan comes in at 67-deg.

–Rain prospects look NIL until an increase in humidity brings the chance of a few scattered showers or t-storms in the Friday through Sunday time frame.

–Late week rain chances rise to 23% Friday, 34% Friday night; 48% Saturday, 31% Sat night and 35% Sunday.

–The country’s hottest weather when compared to mid-August norms will continue to be in the West and the Pacific Northwest.


TONIGHT: Partly cloudy, comfortable temps and humidities.  Low 64, but mid 50s cooler inland locations.

TUESDAY through WEDNESDAY: Generous sunshine with only a scattering of clouds by day; scattered clouds Tuesday night. High Tuesday 78—and 79 Wednesday with upper 60s to low 70s on area beaches where “northeast” winds will come off Lake Michigan. Low Tuesday night 64–mid to upper 50s again inland.

THURSDAY: A good deal of sunshine but with more clouds arriving later in the day and at night. A bit warmer but with comfortable humidities. High 82—but low to mid 70s beaches.

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy, warm, moderately humidity. Chance of a few isolated afternoon t-storms. High 85.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: More clouds than in recent days, higher humidity and seasonable warmth. Some scattered showers and possible t-storms—–50% coverage Saturday; 35% coverage Sunday.  High Saturday 81. Sunday’s high 79.

MONDAY: Partly sunny with gradually lowering humidities and winds from the “NE” off Lake Michigan. High 79–but lower beaches.