HIGHLAND PARK – Had never been to Ravinia until last evening. Can you believe that? Nearly half a century here and having never been to Ravinia?? 

Stevie Nicks was in town, and I thought might be time to take the plunge and go up to Highland Park to see her there. I had heard so much of that venue. All I can say about the Ravinia experience, about which I had heard so much all these years is wow! It became clear to me quickly that the word is out on Ravinia–NO SURPRISE there. I read that 600,000 attend events there annually. There was certainly a crowd on hand Thursday night. It was such a lovely Sept evening. What a crowd and what an interesting experience.

I have always enjoyed Steve Nicks and found her comments about the passing of Queen Elizabeth earlier in the day and of the horror in progress in the Ukraine was so human and caring. Stevie made a comment about being 74 years old and happy to be still going strong and back in the concert tour which was also human and endearing. We look to performers like Nicks and being on the road, engaged in concert work, as being so glamorous.

But it’s always struck me as being hard work—-away from home for long stretches in unfamiliar cities—yet expected to put on impeccable performances for all of us in their audiences—and every night they’re on stage. It was clear Stevie pulled it off before an audience which loved her and was thrilled to see a master musician performing.