Happy Labor Day All!  And what a BEACH DAY and DAY TO BE OUTDOORS it’s been. We may flirt with the record of 95-deg for the date set 40 years ago back in 1983—but this may end up tied with two other Labor Days in the 129 years since the day  was declared a National Holiday in 1894—namely Labor Day 1913 and 1983.  In other words, this could be the warmest Labor Day in 40 years here in Chicago. 

  • Interestingly, only 7% of the past 129 Labor Days have produced high temps of 90-deg or higher—and THIS was one of them. 
  • Historically, 31% of Labor Days have seen rain—THIS WASN’T ONE OF THEM, though the arrival of humid tropical air for the first time in the current hot spell did lead to the formation of cottony summer-like cumulus clouds.
  • With 97% of the day’s possible sunshine likely to go onto the books by the time the sun sets this evening, Frank Wachowski notes this has been the sunniest opening 4 days of a September in Chicago since 1955—68 years ago!!
  • It hasn’t rained here in the city in 18 days. We’re dry!  Five of the past 6 months have come in DRIER THAN NORMAL. Since April 1, Chicago rainfall has fallen 6.62″ behind seasonal norms and has recorded just 14.03″ of the normal 20.79″ considered normal. That’s just 67% of the city’s. normal rainfall.
  • And we’re not alone in being dry.  Drier than normal weather is impacting a large swath of the corn belt and is resulting in reduced Mississippi River water levels which is becoming an issue for the barge traffic which will transport much of the harvest which takes place on Midwest farms in the months to come.  This is already increase transportation costs.
  • TIRED OF THE HEAT?  We have another hot, humid day to go. There are indications some scattered coverage t-storms may pop in the heat and humidity Tuesday—but coverage of any rains will probably hold to 20 to 30% of the area Tuesday afternoon—increasing to as much as 40% of the area as a cold front swings through Wednesday morning.
  • While Wednesday will hang on to the humidity and daytime heating may produce a few additional scat t-storms in the afternoon—heat and humidity relief are coming. COOLER, LESS HUMID AIR IS TO ARRIVE Thursday through the coming weekend.