This year’s first 90-degree high temperature

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Dear Tom,
June 28 was the first day this year when the mercury hit 90. This seems kind of late, right?
Kevin Anderson Des Plaines
Dear Kevin,
Late it is. When the city’s official thermometer at O’Hare International Airport finally hit 90 on June 28, it marked the city’s latest onset of 90s in nearly two decades. Back in 2000, Chicago did not record a 90-degee temperature until August 15, the first of only four that year. Prior to that, we have to go back to 1981 to find a later date when it finally reached 90 on June 29. Last year, the city’s first 90 was a month earlier on May 26. Typically the city logs its first 90 by the opening days of June, but this year’s cool spring delayed it by more than three weeks. Dating back to 1871, the city’s earliest 90 was on April 10, 1930 and the latest was never in 1875, the city’s only year without a 90.


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