Temperatures with snow on the ground

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Dear Tom,
With snow on the ground and because of the latent heat associated with the phase change of water, is 32 degrees Chicago’s most common high and low temperature?
Michael Walsh, Chicago
Dear Michael,
Using temperature data from Midway Airport for the period from 1929 through 2018 and looking at daily temperatures (there are 32,872 days in that period), the most commonly occurring high temperature is 80 degrees, with 643 occurrences. Days with a high of 32 degrees numbered 435, and it was the 34th most frequently occurring number. (33 days had a greater number of highs.) Days with highs in the mid 30s and low to mid 80s were the most frequent. Daily low temperatures were a different story, and 32 degrees was the most frequently occurring low temperature, with occurrences on 698 days. Lows in the low and mid 30s and mid 60s were most frequent.


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