Temperatures may hit 90 Monday, rain moves in Tuesday night

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CHICAGO — A gorgeous Monday lies ahead, with the potential for temperatures to soar into the low 90s before storms likely move in Tuesday. 

It’s common for heat to be preceded by tropical cyclone remnants as air vents out of the top of tropical systems, migrates out ahead of them, then sinks, compresses and heats. 

Humidities will only be moderate Monday with dew points in the 50s. So Monday’s warmth won’t be oppressive.

It’s Tuesday when things begin to get going meteorologically, as there’s a 73 percent chance of storms in the evening. Tropical Storm Cristobal’s northbound remnants will be sweeping into the metro area with muggy 70-degree dew point tropical air. 

Precipitation projections for Tuesday night

Strong winds become a threat at the same time and may linger with sometimes thundery rains into Tuesday night and Wednesday. Gusts topping 50 mph hit then, and while prospects aren’t “through the roof,” there’s at least a modest potential for severe thunderstorms.

Tropical systems are uniquely “humid,” and there’s little surprise given the regions from which they originate. Humid air is “energy rich air,” and the same “latent heat energy” which fuels the winds and rains of tropical storms and hurricanes on our coasts and out over open ocean waters remains a critical component of such systems, even when they’ve come ashore. 

So we’ll be monitoring high wind/severe weather threats Tuesday afternoon and night, and showers will remain possible Wednesday. 

At present, it appears the axis of heaviest rainfall will occur to Chicago’s west, but these will be squally tropical rains so periodic downpours aren’t out of the question.

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