The Sunday Forecast looked mostly sunny with some afternoon clouds and low winds of 5-10 mph. Temps rose up over 50.

Sunday Night: Increasing clouds and not as cold. Southwest winds 5-10 mph

The forecast for Monday is looking cloudy with clearing skies. Winds are low, 5-10 mph.

Full forecast details at the WGN Weather Center

Extended outlook brings a mild and blustery Tuesday with some rain back into Chicagoland by Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday is breezy has some morning clouds and partly sunny skies in the afternoon with highs in the low 50s. Thursday looks soggy with falling temps that will change a rainy day into a rain/snow mix by the evening. Significantly colder on Friday with highs near 30. More sunshine and temps look to bounce back to near 40 for next weekend. 

Usually there is about 20% of ice coverage on the lake at this time of year but we are down currently, down 14% from last week at about 9%.