There is a risk for severe storm Thursday evening.

It appears thundery weather may impact 50% to 70% of the area early Thursday night and the atmosphere is in a fairly explosive state. That’s because skies have been far less cloud-covered Thursday afternoon south of Chicago which has allowed temps to surge well into the 70s amid tropically moist air with more than 1.2″ of evaporated moisture in it.

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Floods and rains

These will die down to shower later Thursday night, but they threaten heavy rains over counties to the west of Chicago with ground saturated by drenching rains Additional downpours will run off and create ponding and possible flooding.

A flood watch has been issued Thursday for areas West of Chicago hit by heavy rains Wednesday.

Rainy and cooler Friday

The shower will continue circulating portions of the Chicago area into Friday afternoon–but in a far cooler weather regime with winds running southward the length of chilly Lake Michigan with average water temps around 50-deg. So Friday will be noticeably cooler.

Full forecast details and more at the WGN Weather Center blog

Hot for the rest of the Holiday Weekend

But Memorial Day Weekend will be hot with 90-deg temps likely by Sunday afternoon through Memorial Day and into Wednesday.–2022’s hottest temps likely

It is set to be the longest string of consecutive 90-deg temps; from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday and could produce a Memorial Day (Monday) high within striking distance of Chicago’s top Memorial Day temp of 95-degrees if current forecast trends hold.

And with a dome of hot air building high into the atmosphere above Chicago and forcing the rain-organizing jet stream winds well west of Chicago, dry weather and plentiful sun appear a good bet this weekend into at least a portion of Wednesday.