The Chicago area is at a “slight risk” for severe weather Tuesday afternoon and night.

The atmosphere is warm, humid and buoyant–and into the meteorological mix comes a cold front with powerful jet stream winds overhead. It’s the sort of scenario which can produce rotating supercellular t-storms capable of “mixing down to the surface” some of the wind energy aloft.

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Scattered thunderstorms are likely to put in an appearance the period from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. being the most likely period for precipitation, though a few cells may “pop” in scattered fashion earlier.

It’s the period from roughly 6 p.m. to midnight which appears most likely to accommodate potential  severe weather development.

Beyond this time frame, the severe threat diminishes and a cooler pattern prepared to take over.

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The combination raises the potential for some of these storms reaching severe levels.

Many of the same elements came together to produce the severe weather which swept sections of the western and upper Midwest Monday (Memorial Day). It’s a severe weather outbreak which resulted in more than 200 reports of damaging winds and large hail—including five tornado reports.