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Manhattan- Utility poles snapped at base around 3:24 pm

Peotone- 8-inch diameter tree limbs down around 3:45 pm CDT

Grant Park in Kankakee County Wind gusts estimated at 60 mph 3:45 pm CDT

Morris- Numerous trees down; one snapped in half- Route 6 between Morris and Seneca at 3:40 pm

Minooka Winds to 60 mph- tree branches down at 3:15 pm

Elwood 50-60 mph wind gusts, some hail, and heavy rain- Visibility briefly down to zero at 3:20 pm CDT

Lisbon in Kendall County Wind gusts to 72 mph at 2:55 pm CDT

Channahon Winds 50 mph at 3:10 pm CDT

Plattville in Kendall County winds 60-65 mph- tree branches and limbs down at 2:59 pm CDT

Johnsburg 1-inch diameter hail at 1:23 pm CDT

Highwood- Wind gusts to 56 mph at 2:05 pm CDT- small branches down

Morris-Washburn wind gusts to 61 mph at 2:55 pm CDT

Deerfield- Large tree down on Waukegan Rd, road blocked

Amboy-1.5 inch-diameter hail (ping-pong ball) at 1:35 pm

Leland-3-inch diameter tree branch down at 2:52 pm CDT

Earlville- Numerous reports of hen egg-size hail (2.00 inch-diameter) at 2:25 pm CDT

Libertyville- Heavy rain 1.32 inches with 1.02 inches in 15 minutes

Round Lake 1-inch diameter hail at 1:29 pm CDT

Paw Paw- Ping-pong Ball-size hail at 2:12 pm

Highland Park Tree down at 1:59 pm CDT

Compton in Lee County 1-inch diameter hail at 1:58 pm CDT and golf-ball-size (1.75 inch) hail at 2:01 pm

14-inch diameter tree snapped at its base in Vernon Hills

Wheeling wind gust to 58 mph at Chicago Executive Airport at 1:52 pm

Island Lake- Large tree down on Darrell Road south of Rte 176 at 1:54 pm

Prairie Grove- Numerous tree branches down blocking Rter 176

Crystal Lake 1.10 inches of rain in 45 minutes

Gages Lake Nickel-size hail at 1:40 pm

East of Crystal Lake many branches down 3/4 inch hail

Dixon 2-inch diameter hail (hen-egg size) at 1:20 pm CDT

Crystal Lake- Wind gusts to 68 mph torrential rain AT 1:29 pm CDT

Lake Villa 1/2- inch diameter hail at 1:31 pm CDT

Richmond-1-inch diameter hail at 1:16 pm

Dixon 1-inch diameter hail at 1:20 pm

Spring Grove 1-inch diameter hail at 1:20 pm CDT

Harvard- Ping-pong size hail (1.50 inch-diameter) at 12:59 pm CDT