Spring storm blows in gusty winds, rains before improving for Memorial Day Weekend


A powerful, wet late spring storm is on the way for the Chicago area.

Mother Nature continues teeing up noteworthy weather events here. It’s to happen as the Chicago area, with the sun-filled low 80-degree highs we’ve enjoyed Wednesday preparing to end in a jarring fashion later.

Another temp crash

The current 7-consecutive day run of 80s is to brought to a swift conclusion by a wind shift to the North and the Northeast” later Wednesday evening. First to feel the temp downturn will be lakeshore areas. After that, the flood of chillier air the wind shift introduces will expand to include the remainder of the Chicago area.

The shifting winds are to bring an unceremonious end the longest string of 80s here in the nine months since last August.

Forecast highs Friday

Strong winds blow in later Thursday

The Chicago area prepares for a set of additional meteorological shocks in the days ahead. Among them is the development of powerful wind gusts likely to build to or even exceed 40 mph at times by Thursday night and Friday. There is also the onset of a new round of what look to be soaking rains amid downright chilly late May temps. These temps are likely to be especially jarring given the warmth we’ve enjoyed since late last week.

NWS model blend estimate of potential 5-day TOTAL RAINFALL

More rain too

The new rains are to commence Thursday afternoon and our in-house blend of the most recent 29 rainfall forecasts off 10 different models suggests it’s quite possible another 1 to 1.50″ of rain could be on the way to many parts of the Greater Chicago area.

Windy, wavey Lake Michigan

Chilly “ENE” winds will build ahead of its rain and will in coming days be churning Lake Michigan into waves topping 8 ft. by Friday. A gale watch is currently out for Lake Michigan covering the period from Thursday evening through Friday afternoon. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see that extended a bit in coming days.

The northeast Illinois, southeast Wisconsin and northwest Indiana Lake Michigan shorelines are in for quite a pounding by wind-whipped waves Thursday night into Saturday—a development which is likely to keep Lake Michigan mariners in port at least into Saturday on the front end of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Forecast

Improved weather, including the return of weekend sunshine and a decrease in winds Saturday night, Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day) promise improved boating conditions.

And while temps will warm slowly this weekend, markedly warmer weather is projected the middle and end of next week just as the new month of June 2021 gets underway along with the start of the climatological/meteorological June through August summer season.

Forecast details and more at wgntv.com/weather

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