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Chicago set a meteorological record again Tuesday: the city has never had a day so warm within 48 hours of receiving a major snow in recorded weather history.

Since weather records began in the late 1800s, there has never been a major snowfall of over three inches followed by temperatures of 70 degrees and over just 48 hours later.

Chicagoans couldn’t help but notice the weather whiplash, as lawns covered in white quickly turned green and springlike, as if the snow never happened.

There are few recorded instances that rival this dramatic shift. In October 1989, 5.6 inches of now fell on October 19-20, followed by 70-degree temperatures on October 24. In March of 1916,  2.6 inches fell on the 22nd, and then temperatures of 72 degrees were measured on the 25th.

It’s safe to say that after Mother Nature’s belated April Fools joke on Sunday, it’s now back to your regularly scheduled season in Chicago. Enjoy!