Cloudy, chilly weekend ahead with some snow possible


That’s actaully snow coming down in parts of the area and in some places, there are some big flakes. It’s a narrow band of lake-effect snow riding the day’s NNE winds into the area.

My WGN meteorological colleague Steve Kahn has reported visibilities dropped briefly to 1/4 to 1/2 mile around midday and that 0.5″ has falled there. There’s been 0.1″ at O’Hare and 0.9″ up the lake in Pleasant Prairie, WI. No snow has accumulated at Midway as of the 1:25 p.m.

Snow flurries and a few snow showers have been in the forecast and will persist over parts of the area into early tonight, settling slowly south/southwestward. The ground is warm however and snow won’t stick long, if at all.

Here’s a satellite animation and if you look carefully, you’ll see the narrow plume of clouds oriented with the “NNE” wind flow from Lake Michigan ashore over a small area of northeast Illinois.

Any accumulations will be modest and will occur mainly on colder outdoor surfaces.

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