The Chicago area received its most soaking rain in 5 week today.  Final rainfall tallies came in at 0.61″ at O’Hre—but more than 1″ (1.05″) at Midwest.

A number of 1″+ tallies were recorded including 1.31″ at Crete, 1.24″ Chicago Heights, 1.22″ Morris and totals exceeding 1″ at Joliet, Frankfort, Munster IN, Glenwood, Burnham, Markham, South Holland, Wilmette, Rogers Park in Chicago and Hickory Hills.

But the rain’s over and the dry pattern which has dominated November here is back in control.  Clouds break later tonight in the chilly “NW” winds on the retreating storm’s back side.

A series of SUN-FILLED DAYS and just mixed clouds follow—including for Thanksgiving (Thursday)–with temps headed for the mid to upper 40s the next two days.

Frank Wachowski reminds us 7″ of snow fell on this day 8 years ago in 2015.

And while no snow is in our immediate future even as we march into the closing week of November, a survey of Chicago weather records since 2000 indicates that 16 of the past 22 years —that’s 70% of them— have produced at least flurries beyond Nov 25th (this Saturday’s date) and that 8 of those 22 years—36% of them—recorded measurable snow (i.e. at least 0.1″) in those final November days.

That’s a significant stat since we now have a collection of forecast models that have locked onto a potential for at least some snow Sunday.  Current indications are what’s coming isn’t likely to be a major storm—good news for travelers the end of the Thanksgiving holiday period—but SOME SNOW nonetheless.  We’ll keep you updated on that.

Also, a decidedly chillier weather pattern is in place and may grow evening chillier in the next week.  While full day average temps will come in modestly ABOVE NORMAL Wednesday and Thanksgiving day, projected daytime averages will fall BELOW NORMAL beginning Friday—a trend likely to continue through next week and into the following weekend.

Temps this will are to come in 8-deg colder than last week finishing just a degree above normal overall. By comparison, next week will see temps averaging more than 9-deg lower and finishing more than 5-deg below normal.  Of course, December 2023, which marks the beginning of the meteorological winter season arrives a week from this Friday.


TONIGHT: Clouds break, breezy and colder. Low 35—with a few upper 20s possible inland.

WEDNESDAY: Increasing sunny, cooler than in many recent days—but still modestly ABOVE NORMAL for the time of year.  Breezy with winds backing southwesterly in the afternoon.  High 48.

WED NIGHT: Scattered clouds, breezy and cool. Low 34

THURSDAY (THANKSGIVING DAY): Sunshine and some mixed clouds. Winds shift northeast off the lake in the afternoon.  High 48.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY: A good deal of cloudiness, breezy Friday and colder.  Lighter winds but still chilly Saturday. High Friday 37.  Saturday’s high 39.

SUNDAY: Clouds lower and thicken. The chance of snow increases. There could be enough snow to cover the ground.  High 36.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy, cold and windy.  High 36.