Temps surged 11 degrees higher today, likely to reach 61-deg before daytime warming comes to an end. And the sun emerged Wednesday in what has been a very cloudy open to May—with just 31% of the month’s possible sun in its opening 3 days. (Mays typically host 54% of their possible sun)

The slow moving spring storm, which has dominated Chicago’s weather with lots of clouds, sporadic showers, gusty winds and sub-part temps, has finally excited! The sun emerged Wednesday and the impact of strong May sunlight can’t be overstated.

The upper air pattern across North America is undergoing a sea change which will warm area temps and ultimately lead to wetter conditions late this weekend and at times next week. We’re switching jet streams—moving from a northern jet to a southern jet stream. This will send warmer temps over he area. In fact, each of the coming 15 days is modeled to produce an above normal temp.

Temps in Chicago, which came in 5-deg below normal last week are predicted to miss normal levels by only a degree when this week is tallied. And next week is set to see temps surge 15-deg higher than this week—a big increase.

Easterly winds off Lake Michigan will mask a good deal of the warming up and down the lakeshore through the weekend and into early next week. Readings at the lakeshore and on area beaches will be as much as 15 to 20-deg cooler than inland readings in coming days.

Moisture from the Gulf will be streaming northward into the area by early next week setting the stage for the warmer” feel” to the air that increased humidity’s deliver—but also increasing the chances for more frequent spells of showers and possible t-storms—the first of which could reach Chicago as early as Sunday.


TONIGHT: Some patchy clouds, cool. Low 41—but mid 30s inland.

THURSDAY: A good deal of sunshine, warmer inland. Cool southeast breezes off Lake Michigan will set up a 15 degree spread in afternoon temps between the lakefront and inland areas. High 72—but low to mid 50s area beaches.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Low 51—low to mid 40s inland.

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and breezy with the warmest temps inland. High 72—but easterly lake breezes mean mid 50s along Lake Michigan.

SATURDAY: Partly sunny, breezy and warm again inland. High 72 there—but low to mid 50s lakeshore.

SUNDAY: A good deal of cloudiness, warm inland. A few scattered showers and possible t-storms. High 76 inland—but mid 50s to 60 beaches.

MONDAY and TUESDAY: Cloudy spells, higher humidities. Lake breezes continue to cool shoreline areas. Scattered showers and t-storms. High Monday 77—but low 60s lakeshore. Tuesday’s high 77—low 60s lakefront.

WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny, warm. High 72—but cooler again along Lake Michigan.