Skilling: Summer-like warmth arrives, storms possible

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The year’s warmest weather is on the way.

Winds on either side of a northbound warm front will drive the time of arrival of the warmth. Masking the warmth north of the front is an easterly wind field off Lake Michigan. But, these cooling winds will yield to markedly warmer southerly winds across the area and noticeably higher humidities and dew points later Wednesday night and Thursday, lending the air a true summer “feel.”

Scattered thunderstorms may flare on the front over up to 30% of the metro area Wednesday afternoon and the presence of elevated CAPEs (atmospheric energy levels which encourages the air to rise, and cool, enhancing shower/thunderstorm development) and vertical wind shear (a shift in wind direction with height) indicates a few of the thunderstorms may prove vigorous, capable of some hail and gusty winds. More general thunderstorms move in Thursday night into Friday.

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