Skilling: Potential for weekend winter storm


Some snow is to swing through the area overnight. It looks like the period from 10pm to 2am Thursday is the period for possible snowfall. And some lake effect snow showers could occur in lakeside areas into Thursday morning.

Beyond that a quiet period is ahead weatherwise Thursday afternoon through New Year’s Eve (Friday evening and night.)

The weekend is the period about which there are weather concerns. While there are no formal watches of warnings out for the weekend yet, that may change in the days ahead.

A burst of snow may sweep portions of the area later tonight and a few lake effect snow showers could occur in lakeside counties into part of Thursday morning. Huge amounts of snow aren’t expected–but slippery spots may occur.

With 40-degree daytime highs predicted Thursday afternoon and Friday (New Year’s Eve day), the very real possibility a winter storm appears to loom New Year’s Day Saturday and Saturday night won’t be clear to folks who aren’t following weather forecasts. But the threat appears real enough to flag the weekend as a period to monitor. Such a storm could include the season’s heaviest snow over at least sections of the Greater Chicago area. The storm as showing up on major models at the moment (and in recent days) and threatens to be a wind and snow producer with potentially significant accumulation where it generates its snow.

It’s possible a swath of our area could see mixed wintry precip–which all snow occurs elsewhere. Just where that demarcation may occur must be refined–and will be in coming days. We’re still days away from any meteorological action.

Though details–such as precise accumulations have have yet to be refined and we may be a day or two away from specific weather watches, warnings and advisories, anyone planning travel Saturday or Saturday night would be wise to keep up with forecasts for the weekend time frame.

Full forecast details and more at the WGN Weather Center blog

Current forecast trends certainly show Chicago near to “action zone”. And the cold air this system is to draw into the area could lake enhance snowfall where it occurs and will be arctic nature and if to take 30-deg daytime highs Saturday upper teens Sunday and low 20s Monday. We have several models that place the storm’s heavy snow band across the city and northern suburbs at the moment. That of course can change, but it certainly flags the developing weather situation as one to monitor closely.

Single digit lows look likely to be widespread Sunday night and Monday morning. And with this storm’s wind producing capability–gusts topping 35 mph appear a good bet Saturday into Sunday, wind chills by Sunday night and Monday morning are likely to drop sub-zero.

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