Chicagoans basked in sunshine Thursday—-the first 100% sunny day of the past 11.

Temps reached 56 at O’Hare for the second consecutive day—a reading 4-deg above the normal high for Nov 9 of 52-deg.  The day marks the 7th consecutive day in which the average temp will post a surplus—a trend likely to be temporarily broken by modestly below normal readings Friday and Saturday.

November’s off to a milder than normal start averaging 3.5-deg above normal. Despite that surplus, the month is running 5.2-deg cooler than the opening 9 days of November a year ago.  The official high temp hit 70 on this date a year ago.

Northwest winds through the atmosphere are circulating chillier air into the Midwest and the Chicago area.  Temps tonight will dip into the upper 20s in normally cooler locations away from the city and Lake Michigan and to the 36 in the city proper. 

Clouds will increase as the night goes on as a minor disturbance approaches and traverses the metro area other it would likely be even chillier—and Friday to see a bit more cloud cover than today—but still host a fair amount of late autumn sun.  

Both Friday and Saturday (Veteran’s Day) are to see temps hard pressed to make 50-deg degrees—making them the coolest days here since the spell of chilly weather which produced the Halloween snow squalls more than a week ago.

BUT THE PATTERN SHIFTS BACK TO A DECIDEDLY MILDER MODE BY NEXT WEEK with a collection of 60+ deg daytime high temps commencing with a 60 Monday and surging to the mid 60s by Wednesday and Thursday next week. The mid-week daytime highs (64 Wed and 66 Thu) will be well above the upper 40s which are normal for mid-November.

There are signals from an array of models of a wetter and cooler weather regime taking up residence here next weekend.  Precip chances, with the exception of some possible late week showers at this time, should remain low.


TONIGHT: Some clouds move in, colder. Low 36 in the city—but as cool as the upper 20s chillier inland locations away from the city and Lake Michigan.

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy, breezy and cooler. High 49.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Clouds scatter and diminish, chilly. Low 31—but mid 20s inland.

SATURDAY (Veteran’s Day): Becoming partly sunny, continued cool. High 49.

SUNDAY, MONDAY AND TUESDAY: Generous sunshine with slow but noticeable warming—but nights will remain cool.  High Sunday 56; Monday’s high 60—and the high Tuesday 62.

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy, breezy and milder. High 65.

THURSDAY: More clouds, breezy and mild. Chance for a few showers.  High 66.