CHICAGO — Severe weather blew through the Chicago area and parts of Illinois Tuesday.

Strong winds, hail and rain were reported throughout the area.

Hail and wind damage was reported in the city and suburbs.

A powerhouse northbound warm front swept into the Chicago area introducing warm and humid air. Temps will be surging into the low 70s across our southern suburbs Tuesday while holding in the 40s as east winds blow into areas along Lake Michigan Tuesday from Chicago north. By and during tonight (Tuesday night), the warm humid air is to win out–taking control of the weather scene here. At times it’s not raining, we’ll actually be able to throw open the windows and bask in the warm air.

Latest warnings and watches from the National Weather Service.

It’s the warm, humid air mass which threatens active and possible severe thunderstorms.

A second severe weather potential comes together Wednesday as a cold front ploughs into the warm, humid air in place. Storms may occur late morning to noon.

Extended outlook calls for cooler temps in the 50s for the rest of the work week. Easter weekend looking mild and sunny on Saturday with highs in the mid to upper 60s.