Very little in the way of scattered light freezing drizzle/very fine snow this Tuesday morning


Update 6:30AM CST…

Most areas are clear of any precipitation this Tuesday morning with dry roads and pavement.There are a few locations occasionally reporting freezing drizzle/very light snow, but these are very isolated and the wider-spread freezing precipitation forecast has not materialized. Temperatures are in the upper 20s, so if you do encounter light precipitation, it could result in localized slick spots.


Slick spots could develop overnight and early Tuesday morning across northeast Illinois into northwest Indiana, including Chicago. With clouds and low-level moisture in place, a weak disturbance aloft may be enough to trigger scattered light drizzle/fine snow overnight into Tuesday morning. As temperatures are expected to fall into the upper 20s, there is a good chance some slick spots could develop, especially on overpasses and untreated roads/streets/sidewalks and parking areas.

If you are outside or traveling overnight into the morning commute-time, drive carefully and watch your step.


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