Saturday: Mostly cloudy AM, partly cloudy PM with chance of showers/thunderstorms. S 10-15 mph

Highs near 80, mid to upper 70s lakeside

Saturday night is looking cloudy with showers/thunderstorms likely. S 10-15 mph, with a low of 59

Sunday is rainy at times, turning to a rain/snow mix with falling temperatures. High southwest winds of 15-25 mph. Gusts of 40. High is near 60, 40s by late afternoon.

Extended outlook calls for a chilly and raw day on Monday with a rain/snow mix in the morning and temps in the mid to low 30s. Highs Monday afternoon only in the mid 40s. Tuesday temps bounce back to the seasonal mid to upper 50s with more sun. Wednesday near 60 with mostly cloudy skies and chance of showers. Chance of showers daily through the end of the week with lots of clouds but temp likely in the mid to upper 60s to near 70.