Record barometric pressure in the United Kingdom


Dear Tom,
I just read the barometric pressure topped 31 inches of mercury in the UK. Is that a record for them and would that have been a record for Chicago?
Veronica Kichel
Dear Veronica,
While the recent barometer reading of 31.02 inches in Wales was the UK’s highest barometer reading in more than six decades, it fell just short of the record 31.11 inches observed at Aberdeen, Scotland on January 31, 1902. However, it would have established a new record for Chicago, as our city’s highest barometer is 30.98 inches on February 16, 1989. The world’s highest pressure of 32.25 inches was recorded at Tosontsengel, Mongolia, on December 29, 2004. In contrast, the world’s lowest barometer reading (still under review)appears to be 25.40 inches reached on November 7, 2013 as Super-typhoon Haiyan made landfall on Samar Island in the Philippines.


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