Here’s my latest FRIDAY CHICAGO METRO FORECAST (9/23/2022) plus FRIDAY WEATHER HEADLINES and the latest NWS 6 to 10 and 8 to 14 DAY TEMP TRENDS: 


–We awakened to the coolest morning in 4 months (since late May) this morning with 50 and 52-deg lows at O’Hare and Midway respectively–but temps which dipped into the 30s first time this season in west and south suburbs–including lows of 37 at Hebron and LaPorte, IN and at McHenry, IL. 

–The clouds which spread into the area today have limited Friday to only 27% of the day’s possible sun. 

–These clouds are occurring as warmer air to the west runs up and over the retreating cool air. 

–Scattered showers may dot the area Friday night–and might even include an isolated t-storm. 

–70s surge back into the area for a day Saturday. But a cold front passes Saturday night and powerful WNW winds, with gusts building to 40+ mph at times Sunday, will check further temp increases 

–Sunday’s cool push is at the vanguard of a cool pattern likely to generate the season’s coolest temps yet next week and produce a weekly temp 10-degree coolest next week than the week concluding. 

–But modeling suggests STRONG WARMING is to push temps above normal with 70s back by late next week and/or next weekend–an above normal pattern likely to hold through the week which follows–which is the opening week of October 2022—A MONTH PREDICTED TO PRODUCE ABOVE NORMAL TEMPS across a wide swath of the U.S. 


TONIGHT: Predominately cloudy, a bit breezy and NOT as cool. A scattering of showers–perhaps an isolated t-storm. 30 to 40% of the area may see some rain. Low 54. 

SATURDAY: A good deal of cloudiness–but with some mixed sun at times, breezy and warmer. A majority of hours rain-free–though a shower or two may dot the area in the afternoon. High 73. 

SATURDAY NIGHT: A period of showers, a few possibly thundery. Breezy. Low 58. 

SUNDAY: Opens cloudy–then mixed sun, becoming quite windy and cooler. Gusts build to 40 mph and higher at times. High 68. 

MONDAY AND TUESDAY: Cloudy spells come and go and fairly windy with some of the coolest daytime temps to date this season. Lake effect rain showers on occasion in northwest Indiana. Some will blow back into the Chicago shoreline Tuesday. High Monday 63. Tuesday’s high 60. 

WEDNESDAY: Lake clouds break allowing partly sunny skies. Breezy from the north and continued cool. High 62. 

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: Plentiful sunshine, much lighter winds. Temps begin to warm. High Thursday 65. Friday’s high 69.