Momence- Power poles downed and debris on highways at 1:30 pm

Arlington Heights 6-8 inch diameter branches down around 12:20 pm

Chicago 8-inch diameter limb down near Hermosa

Kankakee County near Route 17 and Bull Creek Rd- 20-foot high 6-inch diameter apple tree down

Chicago 8-inch diameter limb down 12:40 pm far north side near Howard St. and Eastlake Terrace

Wheatfield in Jasper County IN numerous 2-3-inch branches down around 2:00 pm

Peotone 9-inch diameter tree down

Rosemont 18-inch diameter tree snapped st base at 12:22 pm

Valparaiso- dime-size hail at 2:18 pm

Numerous trees and power lines down in Streator at 2:20 pm

Tree and branches down near Clifton in Iroquois County at 2:20 pm

Valparaiso- 3/4 inch diameter hail at 2:00 pm