Summer-level warmth returns to the Chicago area Thursday and Friday.

The wet pattern, which has dominated the 2022 and the spring season, is also resuming.

July level temps are about to stage a two-day comeback–which is quite a change from the cool readings currently in place in Chicago Wednesday. Normal highs for Thursday and Friday come in at 72-degrees. The predicted 80s–even a potential near 90 temps Friday–come in 10 to 15-deg above normal.

Day #2 SEVERE WEATHER RISK (for Thu & Thu night)

Severe Weather Possible Friday

With buoyant, warm humid tropical air, including dew points which build into the upper 60s by Friday afternoon and a jet stream overhead, the elements are in place for a severe weather threat Friday afternoon and evening. Thunderheads which bubble up in powerful upper levels winds like those forecasted to be in place Friday can tap upper air wind energy and mix it down to the surface in powerful t-storm gusts.

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A Soaker of a Saturday

What follows Friday night, Saturday into Saturday night is also of interest–a classic heavy rainfall set-up complete with the potential for embedded drenching elevated t-storm rains. What appears to be coming together is the development of a frontal wave which would run up a frontal system expected to draped across downstate Illinois and Indiana Friday night into Saturday night.

Model rainfall projections with this set-up currently average 1.75 to 2.30″–but there are individual forecasts of as much as 3″ in parts of the area. Were this sort of set-up and the heavy rains it would produce to actually play out, this would send the already ample spring season rain tally (i.e. the total rainfall since March 1) of 10.92″–already 125% of the 8.72″ normal to date–surging.

Full forecast details and more at the WGN Weather Center blog

What A May!

What a May it’s been here in Chicago weatherwise!

Having started the cloudiest on the books, and for a time earlier this month, among the coolest opens to a May on books as well as among the wettest, the month pulled a breathtaking turnabout last week as warmth finally arrived on the scene.

Now, not only is May posting a 4.4-deg temp surplus to date and are the month’s opening 18 days running 6.5-deg warmer than the May 1-18 period a year ago, the 2022 tally of 80s (7 of them to date) is one of only 26 of the past 152 years to have so many 80s by mid-month and the two 90s for the year makes this one of only 6 Mays in the past 152 years to have had as many 90s.