July 4th forecast: Mild temps, rain possible tonight

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Today’s predicted July 4 high of 81-degrees at O’Hare means the day is to finish 21-degrees cooler than a year ago.

Though Thursday’s predicted 81-degree high will be a far cry from last year’s scorching 102, it’s significant in its own rite. It becomes the first 80+ temp here since last Friday and the first daytime high in 5 days anywhere close to the normal high of 84.

Thursday rain prospects to be limited to the afternoon/evening and quite scattered

Many hours—in fact, a majority of them—are to remain rain-free Thursday. But don’t put the umbrella completely away.

Daytime heating may well allow a scattering of showers—possibly even a few thunderstorms—to “bubble up” in the afternoon and evening.

Warming to take temps here into the 80s then close to 90 over the weekend with the air growing muggy

Chicago’s temperatures are to increase over coming days reaching the low 80s Thursday, the mid 80s Friday, the upper 80s Saturday and around 90 Sunday and Monday.

The warm-up is to be accompanied by a slow but steady influx of moisture which may, by the coming weekend’s close, have produced muggy

The most widespread downpours, as well as possible severe weather, could hit next week.

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