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CHICAGO — Chicago logged a record-tying ninth consecutive day with measurable snowfall on Sunday, equaling similar nine-day runs from Jan. 29-Feb. 6, 1902 and Jan. 6-14, 2009. Measurable snow has now been logged daily from February 3-11.

No snow is expected Monday, so the record should not be broken.

The past week has watched as the snowfall deficit has been overtaken by a surplus for the 2017-18 snow season. The final tallies of our latest round of snow, which Frank Wachowski says started at Midway Airport at 10:35 p.m. Saturday, generated accumulations of 4.1″ at O’Hare, 4.0″ at Midway, 3.9″ in Romeoville and 5″ in Aurora.

The past nine days have also completely obliterated the 2017-18 seasonal snow deficit. Through midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning, 24.6″ had fallen at O’Hare compared to the normal of 23.9″ up to February 11.

As of noon Sunday, there’s 13″ of snow on the ground at O’Hare, 14″ at Midway, and 15″ in Arlington Heights.

Here’s a look back at O’Hare snowfalls for each day since the current 9-day streak of measurable snow days began Saturday, February 3 (also courtesy of Frank Wachowski):

  • February 3: 0.8″
  • February 4: 1.1″
  • February 5: 2.2″
  • February 6: 0.2″
  • February 7: 1.7″
  • February 8: 1.6″
  • February 9: 6.2″
  • February 10: 0.8″
  • February 11: 4.1″

Additional snow tallies from the Greater Chicago Area over the past 24 hours are available on the National Weather Service’s website.