Is Lake Michigan level near a record high?

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Dear Tom,
You have said occasionally that abundant rain in the Great Lakes basin is responsible for high lake levels. Is the level of Lake Michigan at or near a record high now, considering the heavy rains we have had recently?
— Sam Harris
Dear Sam,
The height of Lake Michigan (and Lake Huron — they are always at the same level because of their connection at the Strait of Mackinac) is currently at 580.6 feet above sea level. This is 6 inches above the level one year ago and 3 inches above one month ago. It is forecast to rise another inch in the next month. The current level is 17 inches above the long-term June average, but 14 inches below the record June high established in 1986. And it is 1 1/2 feet below the all-time high set in August 1986.


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