How hot was it on June 14, 1952?

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Dear Tom,

We were married on June 14, 1952 and recall that there were power outages all over the city. The organ would not play, the trolleys were stopped and Riverview was closed. Just how hot was it that day?

Sam and Mary Mirza

Dear Sam and Mary,

Happy belated 66th anniversary. June, 1952 was a very hot month and with an average temperature of 74.3 degrees (6.2 degrees above normal) ranks as the city’s fourth warmest June. The month logged 11 days of at least 90 degrees, including a scorching high of 101 on June 28; though the high on your wedding day was just 90-degrees. The power outages were the aftermath of severe thunderstorms that raked the area on June 12-13 when strong winds downed trees and power lines and the accompanying lightning strikes caused damage to at least 10 homes and several businesses.


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