How does April’s average rainfall compare to the rest of the year?


Dear Tom,
“April showers bring May flowers.” How does its average rainfall compare to the rest of the year?

Tom Gregg Niles
Dear Tom,
It’s about in the middle of the pack. April’s average monthly precipitation total of 3.38 inches ranks as the city’s fifth wettest month, behind August 4.90 inches, July 3.70 inches, May 3.68 inches, and June 3.45 inches. In terms of the number of days with measurable precipitation (at least .01 inches), April, tied with March and May, leads the year with 12 days, followed by January, June and December with 11, February and November with 10, and July, August, September and October with 9. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski reports that, dating back to 1871, April precipitation totals range from a minimum to 0.14 inches in 1899 to 8.68 inches in 2013. Most Aprils record some snow, with a monthly normal of 1.2 inches.


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