Historic November warm spell continues through weekend


We are in the midst of a truly historic November warm spell which will include a string of 7 consecutive days with temperatures 70°+ before it’s over, something that’s never happened before dating back to 1870.

The previous record is 5 in a row set back in 1953, and we will obliterate that record. Record daytime highs are likely to fall Sunday through Tuesday, and get awfully close Saturday afternoon.

The records don’t stop there. In the full term  of November weather records spanning 150 years (which equates to more than 600 weekends) the upcoming weekend is predicted to be the warmest ever recorded in Chicago.

70 degree plus readings on both weekend days this month have only occurred twice before–November 4-5, 1978, and November 7-8, 2009, but the coming weekend will average (combining the daytime high and overnight low) warmer than both of those weekends!

Get outside, take a walk, go for a bike ride, even put up your Christmas lights if you desire, we know this spell of unprecedented warmth will not last forever. 


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