High Wind Watch in effect for the entire Chicago area Wednesday – dangerous travel conditions developing west and north

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Low pressure is forecast to intensify as it moves northeast out of Kansas tracking through Iowa and Wisconsin into northern Lower Michigan during the next 36 to 48 hours with a High Wind Watch in effect for the Chicago area Wednesday. Rain will spread over our area from the west later Tuesday and winds will gradually strengthen Tuesday night, peaking on Wednesday between 9AM and 4PM with southwest winds gusting as high 50 to 60 miles per hour. These extremely strong winds could down trees and power lines with associated power outages, as well as make travel very difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles. The High Wind Watch is also in effect for portions of adjacent areas (gold-shaded area on the highlighted map).

Note also on the headlined map a Winter Weather Warning (Pink-shaded area on the headlined map) for 6 to 12-inches of accumulating and blowing snow will be in effect Tuesday into Wednesday from first in Colorado and Wyoming and then across Nebraska and northern Iowa/southern Minnesota into northern and central Wisconsin. If you anticipate travel west and north before Thanksgiving, please check weather conditions before attempting the drive.


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