Hazardous travel conditions to exist in all directions from the Chicago area during the next 24 hours


Heavy snow from 4 to 8-inches is expected across the Chicago area in counties along and north of Interstate-80 later today into Tuesday with a little less snow (2 to 5-inches) and a wintry mix of sleet/freezing rain/ice to the south of Interstate-80 and east. Hazardous travel conditions are expected in all directions.

 Hazardous travel conditions will exist into central/southern Illinois and all adjoining states. The affected areas are outlined on the headlined map – pink areas under a Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow and purple-shaded areas under a Winter Weather Advisory for accumulating snow and in most areas mixed with freezing rain/sleet and ice accumulation.

To the west...today and tonight heavy snow 6 to 12 inches forecast for the Interstate-80 corridor and much of Iowa all the way into Nebraska and northern Kansas.

To the north...later today tonight into Tuesday snow accumulation of 3 to 5-inches across southern Wisconsin.

To the east...late today through tonight into Tuesday a mix of 2 to 4-inch snow accumulation along with freezing rain/sleet and ice across Indiana, southern Lower Michigan, Ohio into Pennsylvania, southwestern New York and the central Appalachians.

To the south…today and tonight into early Tuesday less snow and more of a wintry mix of freezing rain/sleet and ice as you travel into central portions of Illinois and Indiana.

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