Have there been many below-zero temps in Chicago in March?

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Dear Tom,

I can’t imagine that there have been many below zero temps in Chicago in March. Have there?

Mike Parenti

Dear Mike,

There have not. We passed your question on Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski, who quickly informed us that, dating back to 1871, there have only been 16 March days with subzero temperatures, spanning just 12 years. In 1943, the city logged a record three subzero days, two in 1873 and two in 1900, with just one day recorded in the other nine years. Chicago’s lowest March temperature was established in 1873 when the mercury dipped to minus 12 on March 3. Since 2000, the city has logged just two subzero March days, a low of 7 below on March 4, 2002 and a low of 2 below on March 3, 2014. Chicago’s latest in the season subzero readings occurred back in 1888, when the mercury fell to minus 1 on March 22.


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