Has there ever been a year with an August cooler than September in Chicago?

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Dear Tom,
September is a cooler month than August in Chicago because the winter cool-down has begun, but has there ever been a year with an August cooler than September?
Alan Peterson, Cary
Dear Alan,
In weather records dating from 1871 through 2018 (a period of 148 years), it has happened only once. The 148-year average August temperature is 72.5 degrees, but in 1927 August was a chilly month, averaging only 66.7 degrees. It was the second-coldest August ever recorded. (The coolest August was 1915, with 66.5 degrees.) The 148-year September average is 65.4 degrees. September, 1927, was milder than average, with a reading of 69.1 degrees: the 20th-warmest September on record. Those back-to-back occurrences, the 2nd coldest August followed by the 20th warmest September, produced the only time August was cooler than September.


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