Has there ever been a May in Chicago without 80 degrees?


Dear Tom,
Have we ever experienced a May in Chicago where we failed to reach 80 degrees?
Ron Gandurski Oak Lawn

Dear Ron,
We posed your question to Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski, who reported that the city has experienced an 80-degree less May just 12 times dating back 150 years to 1871. Not surprisingly, ten of those Mays occurred before 1943, when the city’s official thermometer was located near chilly Lake Michigan. The other two Mays without an 80 were in 1973 when the month’s high was 79 on May 31 and 1983 with a 77 on May 6. It is interesting to note that both of those years went on to deliver hot summers with the city logging 29 90-degree plus days in 1973 and 42 in 1983 that included two days of triple-digit heat. So far this month, the high for the month has been 79 on May 15.


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