Has Fairbanks recorded new temperature records?


Dear Tom,

I’ve noticed that there has been some very cold weather in Fairbanks this winter. Have they recorded any new temperature records?

Rich Vlach,

Dear Rich,

We checked the Fairbanks climate reports, and the only records that have been set there since last summer were precipitation related. Since December, Fairbanks has logged minimum temperatures of minus 40 or lower four days, and not one of them was close to the record low, which typically run at least 50 below zero in winter. February opened cold with lows of between 35 and 40 below, but then milder weather, by Fairbanks standards, arrived delivering highs in the 20s and positive single-digit lows. Since then, arctic cold has returned with a vengeance with overnight lows running between minus 20 and minus 40. The all-time record low for Fairbanks is minus 66 recorded on January 14, 1934.


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