Thunderstorms passed through the Chicago area Tuesday prompting watches and warnings through much of the daytime hours.

Wind damage was reported in the city of Chicago. Roofs in the 3600 and 4500 block of Grand Avenue and 1600 block of Wells had significant damage according to the Chicago Fire Department.

Downed trees and power lines were also reports.

Emergency crews in LaGrange Park and Maywood also responded to reports of tree and light pole damage.

No injuries have been reported at this time.

Damage reports also included large hail stones that bombarded the area.

Tennis ball size (2.75″ in diameter) was reported in at Sandwich, Illinois.

Large hail has even hit parts of the city. The Jefferson Park neighborhood was hit with 1.50″ diameter hail (ping pong size) just past 2 p.m. 

Other large hail reports have included 2.50 inches in Leland, Illinois, 1.75 inches in Kaneville, Harwood Heights and Big Rock, Illinois.

More than 130 reports of large hail have been filed so far Tuesday with the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center.