CHICAGO — Gloomy and dreary weather added to the Halloween vibe Monday, as the fitting conditions also caused problems at local airports.

Earlier in the day, dense fog around Midway and O’Hare International Airports led to more than 140 flights being cancelled or delayed, putting a wrench in travel plans all across the Chicagoland area.

A snapshot of the fog covering the Chicago Skyline Monday morning.

“The hard part was they kept just delaying us and delaying us and delaying us, 30 minutes at a time or 60 minutes at a time,” said Amy Moody, who was in Buffalo with her husband who were taking their kids to their first Buffalo Bills game. “So, when all is said and done, we’ve been here for 7-and-a-half hours for what it is essentially an hour-and-fifteen-minute flight to get home.”

Moody said they chose an early flight home to make it back in time for Halloween trick-or-treating and were able to finally take off around 1 p.m. to make the return trip back to Chicago.

Elsewhere though, the weather didn’t put a damper on Halloween festivities as the 25th year of the Haunted Halsted Halloween Parade took place, and one town did its best Halloweentown impression.

“We decorate the village town with cutouts and our restaurants do Halloween-themed drinks, it’s a great, great time,” said Bensenville Mayor Frank Desimone of the town ahead of its first trunk-or-treat. “In the first forty minutes we handed out 150 pounds of candy.”

Halloween evening weather

Moving forward into the evening, locals from across Chicagoland can expect light, scattered rain showers paired with patches of fog across the area. According to the WGN Weather Team, those scattered rain showers should begin to dissipate around 7 p.m., while the fog may linger until 9 p.m.

Temperatures sit around 56-59 degrees Fahrenheit as of 6 p.m. and Halloween trick-or-treaters can expect low-to-mid 50’s as the night progresses on, with overnight lows hitting around 44 degrees.

For more info on the weather impacting the Chicagoland area, visit WGN’s Weather Blog or see the 7-day forecast on WGN’s weather page.