Wednesday, 5/18
A rainy morning with shower chances tapering to sprinkles in the afternoon. Morning clouds linger through the afternoon. High in the mid to upper 60s inland but only in the 50s at the immediate lakeshore. SE winds turn NW, increasing to 8-18 mph, becoming gusty at times. Clouds slowly diminish overnight. Low in the mid 50s, slightly above the normal low of 51. NNW winds weaken and turn SW overnight 4-11 mph.

Thursday, 5/19
Partly sunny, turning windy and much warmer with a high in the low 80s. SW winds turn S and increase to 12-27 mph. Clouds slowly increase after sunset. Slight chance of a scattered overnight shower. Mild low near 70.

Friday, 5/20
Summer like temperatures return with noticeably higher humidity. Partly sunny, windy and quite warm with a high near 90. SSW winds turn SW 11-26 mph. Scattered showers and thunderstorms become more likely at night. Low in the low 60s.

Saturday, 5/21
Cooler with a seasonable high in the low 70s. Mostly cloudy with showers and possibly a thunderstorm. N winds 7-17 mph. Rain chance lessens and clouds diminish overnight. Quite cool with a low in the mid 40s.

Sunday, 5/22
Mostly sunny and cooler with a high in the low 60s, about 10 degrees below normal. Gusty WNW winds turn NNW 12-26 mph. Partly cloudy overnight with weakening winds turning SSE. Cool again with a low in the mid 40s.

Monday, 5/23
Increasing cloudiness and a little warmer but cool for the season with a high in the mid 60s. E winds 6-14 mph keep lakeside temperatures cooler. Chance for scattered afternoon and evening showers. Milder low in the mid 50s.

Tuesday, 5/24
A few peaks of sun early, otherwise cloudy and warmer with a high in the mid 70s. Much cooler lakeside with ESE winds 8-12 mph. Scattered late day showers but increasing nighttime shower and thunderstorm chances. Low mid 50s.

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