CHICAGO — Amid a pretty mild winter, Chicagoans were blasted with extremely cold temperatures on Tuesday.

But some residents like Matt Brousseu, were not phased by the single-digit temperatures.

He popped out on his lunch break to grab a go-to order with no hat or gloves — just a Hawaiian shirt peaking through his coat.

“This doesn’t really factor to me just yet talk to me when its negative 20 with wind chill and we’ll talk cold,” he said. “This is just like frosted mustache.”

But for some, being outside is not an option. Celia Brecht delivers orders for Passion House Coffee. When it is this cold out, she has put in time to prep before heading into work.

“I wake up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to bundle up extra so I won’t freeze my butt off,” she said.

While spending a few minutes at a time in the freezing weather can be uncomfortable, it’s a different story when you cannot escape it.

Threshold Homeless Outreach workers spent the day checking on their clients and delivering handwarmers, hats and gloves to those who stay outside in the extreme cold.

“I mean they are outside all the time,” Ryann Billitteri said. “And when it’s this cold, we worry about hypothermia or frostbite and to bring them to a hospital or warming shelter when so they don’t get sick.”

Wind chills are expected to be below zero on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.