Do we get short-time rapid rises in temperature?

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Dear Tom,
I know we can get short-time rapid drops in temperature, but have rapid rises occurred as well?

Bedford Park

Dear Dan,
Lake Michigan is the primary reason for Chicago’s rapid temperature drops, when sudden northeast wind shifts can drop temperatures more than 20 degrees in just minutes. Temperature rises are not as dramatic here, typically measured in hours or days, not minutes, after a warm front passage. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski highlighted two large Chicago warm-ups. In February, 1887 the mercury climbed 58 degrees from zero on the 13th to 58 on the 14th. That was equaled in March, 1972 when readings surged from 15 on the 10th to 73 on the 11th. Downslope Chinook winds have produced incredible short-term increases. At Spearfish, S.D. the mercury rose 49 degrees from minus 4 to 45 in just two minutes on January 22, 1943.


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