Dense fog has lifted in most portions of northeast Illinois – still a few pockets of fog until 11AM CST

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Update 9:20AM CST…

Visibility has improved significantly across most of the Chicago area as of 9AM this Saturday morning. With still a few locations where visibility has been slow to lift, the Dense Fog Advisory has been extended until 11AM for a few portions of the northeast Illinois counties shaded in grey on the updated headlined map above.

Check the current visibility map below to pinpoint areas still experiencing dense fog.


Update 5:15AM CST…

Visibility will improve dramatically early this morning as a warm front surges north through the Chicago area. Winds will be shifting more and more out of the south and temperatures climbing out of the 40s into the 50s. Dense fog will be confined to northernmost counties along the Illinois-Wisconsin border and improving in that area as well by mid-morning.


The Chicago National Weather Service Forecast Office has issued a Dense Fog Advisory (grey-shaded area on headlined map above) until 9AM CST Saturday forenoon calling for a quarter mile or less visibility developing this Thursday evening and continuing overnight into mid-morning Saturday for much of the Chicago area generally along and north of Interstate-80.

Below is a map of current Metro-area airport visibility values (in miles)…


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