Dense Fog Advisory for a good portion of the Chicago area until 10AM CST – Slick Spots an additional concern


Visibility has dropped to less than a quarter-mile over much of the Chicago area west and south of the city this Saturday morning and a Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 10AM CST. Dangerous conditions have been further complicated due to icy spots developing in many areas early this morning – condensation on roadways/side streets and sidewalks/driveways with temperatures below 32-degrees has caused slick spots to develop, so if you are out and about this morning, take extra precaution due to not only poor visibility, but also the slick spots.

The combination of a vast slowly melting snow pack, along with some light rain overnight has caused temperatures and dew points to converge resulting in with 100 % relative humidity and dense fog formation (see generalize area  under the effect of dense fog in the Chicago National Weather Service-prepared pictorial below). Maps showing current visibility, temperatures, and counties under the Dense Fog Advisory are also below.

Current Visibility (in tenths of a mile)
Current Temperatures


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