Chilly start to the week with frost reported. But warm and beautiful weather ahead


The week has dawned sunny but cool.

Monday was the Chicago area’s chilliest morning in nearly five months and frost was observed across much of the area.

Morning lows dropped to 38 at O’Hare and 36 at Midway–that’s the chilliest reading at O’Hare since a 37 back on May 10.

Veteran Midway Airport NWS observer Frank Wachowski reported light frost at Midway this morning (temps drop to freezing below the 6 ft. thermometer level). And meteororologist Steve Kahn, my WGN colleague, reported frost in Arlington Heights.

This will be a week of warming temps with 70s expected in coming days with beautiful weather.

The horrific prospect of still another a hurricane making its way into the Gulf Coast area later this week acts to support the development of a dome of unseasonably mild weather across the Midwest as air vented out the top of that migrates north and sinks, warming the air and strengthening the high-pressure ridge likely to develop here.

Nights will remain cool since the air is to remain dry here over the coming week.


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