Chicago early-snow seasons, and how those season ended


Dear Tom,
Last autumn you wrote that substantial early-season snows frequently were followed by below normal seasonal snow totals. What were the ends of those snow seasons like?
John Papeck
Dear John,
Following the city’s snowy 2019 Halloween, an in-house study determined that Chicago’s five snowiest Octobers were all followed by below-normal snow seasons. This October’s 4.6 inches of snow, was the city’s second snowiest, runner-up to 6.3 inches in October 1989. Spring snowfall was minor in all five of those snow seasons with the March-April snow totals- 1990 1.4 inches, 1968 2.5 inches, 1953-4.8 inches, 1907 4.0 inches, and 1958 5.5 inches. In only three of those five seasons, did the city even record a four-inch plus snowfall in February- the 1990 9.7-inch Valentine’s (Feb. 14-15) snowstorm, 5.4 inches on February 16, 1953, and 7.0 inches on February 5, 1907.


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